License to Discriminate: Suing the Trump Administration

Last November, the Trump administration proposed a new rule that would create a license to discriminate, allowing taxpayer-funded programs, such as adoption and foster care agencies, to deny services to  LGBTQ+ youth and families. 

Such a serious attack on our families deserved an equally serious response. This is why, as the leading national organization for LGBTQ+ families, we responded by suing the Trump Administration. 

Whether we’re working to combat discriminatory legislation in the states or a national license to discriminate in the courts, we are dedicated to ensuring that your rights are protected on the local and federal level. But we cannot keep this up without your support. 

In case we haven’t been clear: Our work depends on supporters like you. Would you consider giving $10 a month to our fight for full LGBTQ+ family equality? 

Your gift will help us protect your rights at all levels of government—and to show our appreciation, folks who give $10 or more a month will receive a free Family Equality mug! 

Please, our families and our futures are at stake.

P.S. Learn more about our lawsuit with HHS here!

We need you now.

Our families and our future are at stake.