Fulton v. City of Philadelphia: Bringing the voice of LGBTQ+ Families to the Supreme Court

Christopher and his partner spent more than four years trying to adopt a young person in foster care, but were turned away because they were a same-sex couple.

“We could have provided him a loving, stable financially secure home. Instead, he is likely to age out of foster care without a family. Discrimination robbed him of a family to rely on.” 

As the nation’s leading nonprofit for LGBTQ+ families, it is our duty to make sure that stories like Christopher’s and so many others are heard, in the halls of Congress and at the Supreme Court. Your support is vital to continue this fight. Every gift, from $5 to $500 helps amplify the voices of LGBTQ+ families.

Just last week, Family Equality submitted a Supreme Court brief filled with real-life stories of discrimination faced by our community in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia. We are the voice of LGBTQ+ families in our nation’s highest court, and we need your support to maintain this critically important work. Help us ensure justice is done in this landmark case—support Family Equality with a donation now. 

P.S. Want to learn more about what’s at stake in the Fulton v. City of Philadelphia Supreme Court case? Visit our resource page now.

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