Finding Community During the COVID-19 Crisis

This year has been unlike any year we’ve seen before. But, Family Equality has been there to help the LGBTQ+ community—including families like yours—navigate this crisis.

In March, we launched a robust calendar of virtual events and built an online network of over 1,400 families to bring connection to your computer screens. On the hottest days of summer, with summer camps closed and vacations canceled, our libraries of LGBTQ+ friendly books and Outspoken Voices podcast episodes offered respite. We even brought the magic of Provincetown to your living rooms last month!

Even now, as you look towards a unique back to school season, we’re releasing resources to help you advocate for your family no matter what “school” looks like this year.

During this crisis and beyond, providing the LGBTQ+ community with connection and support is what we do. But we want to be clear: We cannot keep doing this work without your help.

With your gift, we can carry this crucial programming to even more LGBTQ+ families across the country. Because, pandemic or no pandemic, our goal remains the same: to make sure families in the LGBTQ+ community feel more empowered and less alone.

Give today to support more LGBTQ+ families tomorrow.

We need you now.

Our families and our future are at stake.