LGBTQ+ Training for Professionals

Family Equality's LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion training equips employers & family-building providers with the knowledge needed to better support the millions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer millennials planning on starting their family in the coming years.

With 3.9 million LGBTQ+ millennials planning to build their families in the next few years, the need for LGBTQ+ competent employers and family-building health care providers is growing.

In order to meet this growing demand, Family Equality’s Open Door Professional Training Programs provide LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion training for employers and family-building professionals.

Do you identify as a queer or trans birth worker? Click here to learn about our Open Door Scholarship for LGBTQ+ practitioners — and consider applying for our Open Door Scholarship today!

For Family-Building Providers

The Open Door Professional Training Program for family-building providers—fertility clinic and surrogacy center staff, family law practitioners, pharmacists, pediatricians, holistic health providers (acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths), social workers, midwives, doulas and more—consists of three modules to be completed on your own schedule:

  • Beyond Diversity: LGBTQ 101
  • Creating an Inclusive Practice
  • Trans Fertility Considerations

Upon module completion, providers will have the option to be listed in Family Equality’s national LGBTQ+ Family Building Directory. However, if you are a team of providers or a family-building practice, at least 50% of staff will have to complete the module(s) in order for the practice to be listed in the LGBTQ+ Family Building Directory.

For Employers

The world of LGBTQ+ family-building is changing rapidly, but corporate culture and office policies haven’t evolved to keep up.

For this reason, Family Equality built a special employer training program. With custom-built videos, quizzes, articles, and resources, our “Beyond Diversity: LGBTQ+ 101 for Employers” training helps you understand the terms associated with the LGBTQ+ community, create inclusive policies & benefits packages, and build a welcoming workplace culture.

Additionaly, upon completing our Open Door Employer training, you will receive a web-ready completion badge to post on your website so prospective employees and the clients you serve know that you’re trained and ready to welcome them.


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Open Door Training Disclosures

Family Equality provides training to professionals employed in a variety of fields. 

Our trainings should help professionals engage the LGBTQ+ community with competence and sensitivity. In particular, our trainings should address issues of language, marketing, resource allocation, and similar aspects of patient care and/or employee recruitment and retention. 

We applaud businesses and professionals on their ongoing commitment to LGBTQ+ competency and for engaging in our trainings. However, Family Equality does not endorse any professional or business over another. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee a positive experience with every professional who has participated in a Family Equality training program.  

At the time they receive our training, each professional must affirm the following: 

  • They and their company are in good standing with all state and federal regulators and licensing divisions, where applicable.
  • They do not have any state or federal felony convictions. Nor do they have any current state or federal felony investigations that are ongoing against them or their company.  
  • Their professional license(s) are current and in good standing and that they currently carry malpractice insurance, if applicable.