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From statehouses to school boards, LGBTQ+ families need our help more than ever. We know that we can win this fight for love, family, and freedom — as long as we come together, like families do. 

Everyone has a role to play.

Whether you’re sharing your story or offering financial support, everyone plays a role in turning the tide for LGBTQ+ family equality. Explore ways you can join the movement below. 

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Join the family with a donation today! Any amount, from $5 to $50,000, helps us continue our 40+ year legacy fighting for LGBTQ+ families. 

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Family Equality hosts special events all across the country for friends of Family Equality to make connections and get involved in this movement.

Take action

Participate in our Family Equity Justice Project

The Family Equity Justice Project is an initiative that seeks to understand how all families experience the LGBTQ+ family journey. We’re currently seeking participants for our survey — and you could be one of them!

End discrimination in child welfare

There are 390,000 youth in foster care — and yet, in 13 states, it’s legal to turn away prospective foster and adoptive parents because they’re LGBTQ+. You can make a difference by joining the Every Child Deserves a Family Campaign today!

Share your story

Your story is a powerful tool in the fight for change. Are you a member of the LGBTQ+ community and interested in sharing your story? We’d love to hear from you! Fill out our story sharing form to get started.

Give from the heart!

Every gift to Family Equality is a gift for love, family, and freedom. Consider making a one-time donation today! 

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Looking for a way to support LGBTQ+ families in style? From onesies to poster prints and everything in between, our store provides the perfect opportunity to add some rainbow pride to your wardrobe — all while giving to a good cause!