Ending Anti-LGBTQ+ Discrimination in Adoption and Foster Care

You might have heard us tell you that we’re doing everything in our power to protect you and your family. But what does that mean? Let’s look at one example:

Family Equality is leading efforts to end to discrimination in adoption and foster care once and for all.

We worked closely with Congress to draft the Every Child Deserves a Family Act, a bill introduced by the late Representative John Lewis that would prohibit adoption and foster care agencies from turning away prospective parents or mistreating youth in foster care because of who they are, whom they love, and what they believe. Then, we created a coalition of over 500 child welfare, faith, and civil rights organizations to push this bill forward. 

The result of our efforts? More than 200 members of Congress cosponsored ECDF to end discrimination in adoption and foster care.

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Because of our efforts, this crucial piece of legislation could change the lives of hundreds of thousands of youth in foster care and LGBTQ+ people dreaming of forming their family. But we need your help today, so that we can continue the movement for full family equality tomorrow. 

We need you now.

Our families and our future are at stake.