Inclusive Schools: Family Survey for Teachers

Understanding a student’s family structure is key to creating safe and inclusive schools. It can inform curriculum development, classroom social dynamics, and how you communicate with parents. For example:

  • School projects about Mother’s and Father’s day may need to be reconsidered to accommodate students from single parent, divorced, or LGBTQ+ households.
  • Forms may need to be edited to include less gendered language (i.e. “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” instead of “Mother” and “Father”) or translations for students from non-English speaking homes. You may also need to provide extra copies of said paperwork for children with parents who live in different houses.
  • Your point of contact if a child gets sick or needs to be sent home may vary depending on whether or not the student’s parents are separated and maintaining a parenting schedule.

For many diverse families, including LGBTQ+ families, setting up meetings with teachers to introduce their unique family structure can be intimidating. The Inclusive Schools: Family Survey relieves that stress by allowing families to share information about their home(s) ahead of time!

By sending out this survey at the beginning of the school year, educators can gain insight into their students’ lives. They also take a critical step in building a classroom that is inclusive of all families!

To use the survey

  1. Click to download and print the PDF to send home with students. 
  2. Copy and paste the text below into an email or use it as a basis for creating a Google Form! 

Inclusive Schools: Family Survey

Welcome to ______ Grade! 

I am so excited that your family will be a part of the classroom community! I would love to know more about your child and your family. Please fill out the worksheet below. Feel empowered to use the back of this sheet to share any additional information that you believe would be helpful for me to know, to best support your child this year!

Student Name: _______________________

Student Pronouns: ___________________ 

Who is in your family? Include any special names for parents/caregivers (ie Mom, Baba, etc.)  




How many houses does your child call “home”? _________________________________

If they have more than one home, what is your child’s schedule? Who lives in each home?




What language(s) are spoken in your child’s home(s)? ____________________________

What holidays does your family celebrate? [circle all that apply]

Rosh Hashanah


Yom Kippur







Mother’s Day

Al Hijra

Father’s Day 

Other: ____________________________________________________________________


Are there any daily traditions or habits that your family does that I should be aware of?