States of Equality: April and Ginger in Alabama

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Ginger: On Sunday, Avery took her first official steps. We’re going to film Avery attempting to


April: Everything good in life is worth working for and nothing that you get that you really

have pride in is something that comes easy.

April: There you go you can’t ask for anything better than that.

Ginger: I think we both knew that being moms was part of our future.

April: You always wanted to adopt, from day one.

Ginger: Just knowing that there were children who needed a family and I felt that we could

provide that. The process of finding an adoption agency was a challenge. When we first

realized that we wanted to adopt, we reached out to some local agencies, some

national adoption agencies, and we were turned away. Since they were unwilling to

adopt to a single parent, and we were not legally married, then-

April: Which we couldn’t be, so that was the catch 22.

Ginger: Right.

April: They used, “You’re single,” as a way to get around saying, “Well, it’s because you’re


April: So believe it or not, we were at church one Sunday and a two-female couple and a child

was being dedicated. Like literally, “Can we take you to lunch? Tell us everything that

you know.”

Ginger: The actually process, once we had our social worker and had home studies and all of the

forms and the doctor’s visits, it was hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, wait. And then

hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, wait.

April: And the adoption agency called me and she said that she had this little girl that had just

been born and wanted to know if we would take her. So I called Ginger at work, I was

like, “There’s a baby, they have a baby. They have our daughter, do want this baby?”

And she was like, “Well, do we?” I mean, I remember you, “Well, do we?”

Ginger: Yeah, “Well, do we?”

April: And I was like, “Yes, we do.” And you were like, “Okay, yes, we do.” So I called Mary

Ellen back. I was like, “Yes. Yes, we want this baby.”

Ginger: When Avery came to us she was three days old. She weighed four pounds, six ounces,

and was the most beautiful littleA

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April: She was absolutely like a porcelain doll

April: An adoption is a process and it is a slow, arduous process. You just have to know what

you’re getting into, expect the wait and don’t give up. I mean, I remember nights, I

would sit in our room and just cry. We’re now 20 months into a process, will this ever

happen? And then-

Ginger: Is this going to happen?

April: Yeah.

Ginger: Is this meant to be? Is it-

April: Yeah. When you’re in those dark times is when you have to reach out to your support

group and say, “Hey, let’s all go out to dinner. I need a pick me up.”

Ginger: Family is unconditional love.

Ginger: If there’s someone who questions the validity of our marriage or the validity of our

family, I would just ask you to look in our daughter’s eyes.

April: Yeah. I feel like she’s completely blessed and she’s completely blessed us.

Ginger: She exudes love and acceptance to others.

April: Yes. And she has a huge heart and has a huge heart for other people, and has the

hardest time not understanding why people aren’t loving people. And she-

Ginger: Why some people may have hate in their heart.

April: Yes. Hate to her is just abhorrent, she doesn’t get it. So if you question the validity of

our family, you need to look at our child and then you shouldn’t have any questions.

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