Love and Visibility: Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis Blaze New Trails

History-making entrepreneurs, partners, and parents to baby Arrow, Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis are two of the most sought-after talents in the fashion, interior design, and entertainment industries. 

All about visibility

From founding JSN STUDIO to welcoming major streaming services like Netflix into their homes for Styling Hollywood, Jason and Adair’s outstanding list of accolades provide an inspiration to countless Black LGBTQ+ families.

The visibility they bring to Black, bold, queer creators within and around spaces that have a long history of exclusion is nothing short of intentional. Says Jason from their home in Los Angeles: “We decide to be loud. We decide to be happy. We decide to be a visible vessel.”

“Representation is so important,” reiterates Adair. “If you don’t see it, then how do you know you can be it?” 

Finding family

While college opened the door to possibilities for how to define and redefine “family,” becoming a parent required both of them to step into an entirely new world. “Jason had never even held a baby,” recalls Adair. 

But, despite the overwhelm that comes with new parenthood, they say they felt ready. “I just knew instinctually what to do somehow,” Adair says. “And Jason…showed up and showed out and was the dad that I knew he would be.” 

One key to success? An extended support system. “We are blessed to have people who love us, who accept us, support us, show up for us…You know, they say it takes a village. We have a village.” 

Creating a brighter future

In love and in business, Jason and Adair are blazing new trails for LGBTQ+ families across the country. Their motivation is simple: “I want Arrow to inherit a world where the core of the world’s consciousness is radical acceptance.” 

To recognize the impact of their groundbreaking representation, Family Equality was thrilled to honor them with the Visibility Award on October 15, 2022 at LA Impact: A Night of Heroes. Together on stage, their powerful remarks reminded more than 400 ardent supporters why our work is so important. 

“I want to constantly keep fighting for Family Equality…because once you have equality, everything else falls in line.”  

You can learn more about Jason via his cover feature in The Hollywood Reporter’s Power Stylists 2022, and you can watch Adair’s newest heartfelt home makeover series, Instant Dream Home on Netflix.

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