Resources for People with a Transgender Parent

COLAGE is dedicated to supporting and uplifting the voices of youth and adult children with one or more LGBTQ+ parent/caregiver—also known as COLAGErs.

Here are some resources created for people with a transgender parent (PTP) that you can review as you search for resources for people with Transgender Parents and Families.

Note: Some of the material listed here is being updated so that the language and contacts mentioned reflect shifts in COLAGE and society at large. Stay tuned for 2020 updates!

Guidebooks & Resource Pages

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Additional Resources for LGBTQ+ Families

The Queerspawn Resource Project provides education about people with one or more LGBTQ+ parents/guardians and their identities, histories, and needs, broadening communal and organizational support for COLAGErs, and increasing access to resources that validate their experiences —particularly those that are often misunderstood, dismissed, or silenced. The Queerspawn Resource Project works to construct more spaces where people with LGBTQIA+ parents/caregivers and their perspectives are welcomed and valued.