Donor Conceived Resources for LGBTQ+ Families

COLAGE is dedicated to supporting and uplifting the voices of youth and adult children with one or more LGBTQ+ parent/caregiver.

Here are some resources created or edited by donor-conceived people in LGBTQ+ families for you to review as you consider donor conception for your family:

Guidebooks & Resource Pages

  • Donor Insemination Guide (2010)
    The first guide written in 2010 by and for people who have were conceived via donor insemination and have one or more LGBTQ+ parent/caregiver. This original guide is full of stories, advice, resources, and a voice to validate and relate to donor-conceived people. The content in this guide reflects the language used in 2010 and outdated COLAGE contact information. We are hard at work updating the guide so please look out for updates to come in 2020.

Blog Posts & Articles


Additional resources for LGBTQ+ families