Town Hall Called For April 6 In Lafayette, Indiana, To Discuss The Impact Of The Religious Freedom Restoration Act On LGBTQ-Led Families


April 2, 2015

LAFAYETTE, INDIANA — Who is looking out for the LGBTQ-led families in Indiana affected by the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act?

The Family Equality Council announced today that it will partner with Pride Lafayette, Inc., Citizens for Civil Rights, and Indiana Equality Action to host a Town Hall in Lafayette, Indiana, on Monday, April 6 to discuss how the law could impact our families.

“We want LGBTQ parents in Indiana to know they’re not alone,” says Family Equality Council Executive Director Gabriel Blau, who will share thoughts and answer questions at the event alongside Indiana Equality Action board member Ashley Smith and Citizens for Civil Rights President Mike Smith. “This open forum will start a dialogue in which Indiana’s LGBTQ-led families can share their stories and find local support.”

While the media has covered the outrage over how the law discriminates against LGBTQ people, little has been mentioned about the ways it will change the lives of their children.

“This issue is real for our families,” adds Lafayette, Indiana, parent Tonya Agnew (chair of the Family Equality Council’s Midwest Advisory Council), who helped plan the Town Hall. “We should not have to worry that our families will be turned away from a restaurant or shop because it’s against someone’s religion to serve someone who is gay. Is it really a threat to religious liberty to sell me, my wife and my kids a meal?”

The event — to be moderated by Lowell Kane, Director of the Purdue University LGBTQ Center — will take place at the Columbia Ballroom on April 6 at 6 p.m.

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Bradley Jacobs
Media Manager
Family Equality Council