Release: Family Equality Council Accepts Invitation to White House Easter Egg Roll


CONTACT: Steve Majors | Communications Director


Family Equality Council Accepts Invitation to White House Easter Egg Roll

Washington DC – (Apr. 3, 2012) – Family Equality Council, the national organization that connects, supports and represents the one million parents in this country who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) and the two million children they are raising, today announced its families have been invited to the White House on April 9 to participate in the 134th Annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

Family Equality Council first participated in the event in 2006 when it organized more than 100 families to camp out for tickets to show that LGBT families should be seen publicly participating in all aspects of American life.  President Obama issued the first official invitation to LGBT families to attend the White House Easter Egg Roll in 2009.

“We are thrilled that the President and First Lady have invited our families to participate in this time-honored tradition,” said Jennifer Chrisler, Executive Director of the Family Equality Council.  “At a time when some politicians, candidates, and organizations are pretending our families are invisible, this administration has made it known that LGBT parents and their children are intricately woven into the rich fabric of American families.”

“This year’s event will be especially significant for our organization,” added Chrisler. “It comes as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Family Equality Council and our three-decade-long effort to create a world where our families and all American families are respected and celebrated.”