Release: Boston Globe: Former Governor Mitt Romney Went Out Of His Way To Deny Birth Certificates To Children Of LGBT Parents

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Washington, DC  – (Oct. 25, 2012) – Family Equality Council, the national organization that supports, represents and connects the one million families in this country with parents who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and their two million children today commented on the record of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney following a report in the Boston Globe that he demanded his lawyers investigate every individual request for a birth certificate to children born of same sex couples.

“We don’t advocate for candidates. We advocate for families, and we’ve long known of the difficulties that parents who are LGBT had under Gov. Romney’s leadership,” said Executive Director Jennifer Chrisler. “Voters on November 6th will have a clear choice between the records of Gov. Romney and President Obama, and they should arm themselves with information, facts, and the positions of both these men when they enter the voting booth. I, for one, will be voting for my family.”

Chrisler also added that Family Equality Council recently highlighted some of the areas of public policy where LGBT parents and their children are underrepresented in Modern Families: Ensuring the American Dream for All Families – a platform for LGBT families.

The organization created the platform to help encourage members of both parties to begin a national conversation on how best to build and sustain all American families.  Formal copies of the platform were recently sent to campaign representatives of both Presidential candidates.

Chrisler added: “While we may disagree with one or both candidates on some of things they have said during this campaign, I think we all agree on the need for them to come out strongly in favor of laws and policies that recognize, respect and protect all American families. That is a core American value that every group, every candidate, every campaign and every voter can and should support. The American public no longer will accept empty rhetoric about family values, they will now demand clear answers on what politicians are doing to truly value families.”

The platform highlights specific areas where politicians and policy makers can demonstrate inclusive family values including employment and benefits, poverty and economic security, family creation, immigration, family definition, youth and education, health care and housing.


CONTACT: Steve Majors |Dir. Communications