Family Equality Joins NWLC Action Fund, She Will Rise, and Black Women’s Roundtable Rally to Support Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Ahead of Confirmation Hearings

In celebration of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s historic nomination and confirmation process, CEO Stacey Stevenson speaks on steps of the Supreme Court

Washington, DC – This morning, Family Equality joined event organizers The National Women’s Law Center Action Fund, She Will Rise, and Black Women’s Roundtable outside the Supreme Court to celebrate Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Justice nomination. 

The rally kicked off the first day of Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee and convened leaders from 20 organizations to spread joy and signify the widespread support for Judge Jackson’s swift confirmation. In their remarks, Family Equality CEO Stacey Stevenson said:   

“This [nomination] is a turning point and puts our great nation on a new trajectory, especially at a time when democracy is being so cruelly attacked. As a Black queer woman living in Texas with a wife and twin boys, I’ve watched as so many of my rights are decided by other people…who cannot fundamentally understand the experience of moving through the world in a body like mine. 

“Over the years, the Supreme Court has decided cases that directly impact so many areas of my life – where I can attend school, if my voice is heard in elections, my right to contraception, whether or not my marriage is seen as equal under the eyes of the law, if federal law protects me from being fired because I’m gay, and if businesses and adoption agencies can refuse to serve me because of who I am and who I love. 

“Today we stand on sacred ground, the steps of the Supreme Court poised to fulfill its truest purpose: ensuring the American people the promise of equal justice under the law…not for some, not one race, one gender, one political party, but THE American people—ALL of us.  We still have a long way to go, but this step, initiated by President Biden is bold and brings us closer to the destination. “ 

In response to the Biden Administration’s nomination of Judge Jackson in February, Family Equality released a statement in support, highlighting Judge Jackson’s exceptional qualifications and outstanding record of service, including the federal judiciary. We call on the US Senate to swiftly and fairly move Judge Jackson through her confirmation process so we can move our country closer to the promise of justice for all.    

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