New Interim Co-Executive Directors Announced

October 28, 2015

Effective October 20th, Emily Hecht-McGowan and Brent Wright, our Directors of Public Policy and Programing, respectively, will now lead Family Equality Council into the new year as Interim Co-Executive Directors, ensuring that the organizational vision continues, as our former Executive Director, Gabriel Blau leaves Family Equality Council to pursue other opportunities.

While such transitions are never easy, we are fortunate to have incredible strength in experience and leadership on our team. Our board and staff are stronger and more aligned than ever and in a post-marriage equality world, we still have many battles to win. Family Equality Council has been a crucial voice in changing hearts and minds around marriage itself,  and we will use that same voice to win full equality for the families we serve.

In the coming months, we will roll out an ambitious plan for both our immediate and long-term future. A plan that will include visionary leadership, innovative education and outreach, and significant cultural change during this pivotal point in the history of our movement. We are deeply grateful to all of our supporters for their continued investment in our health, strength, and stability and we will work tirelessly to uphold their trust in furthering the mission of the organization, promoting true lived equality for our families.

Nick Scandalios
Chair, Board of Directors

Nancy Lyons
Vice Chair, Board of Directors

Bradley Jacobs
Media Manager