New App Lets Users Call Attention To Forms That Don’t Recognize LGBTQ Families


March 23, 2015

Non-inclusive forms at your kid’s school? There’s an app for that!

WASHINGTON, DC — Take the advocacy process into your own hands!

For those who identify as LGBTQ, the world is filled with non-inclusive forms. Papers to fill out at the doctor’s office, school or soccer club often only have room for a “mother” and a “father” — ignoring the diversity of LGBTQ people and their families.

Now there’s an app for that. As part of the Family Equality Council’s commitment to empowering its nine million constituents and their communities, the advocacy group joined with Pride Labs LLC to create “Snap It & Send It,” which puts the power to correct these forms in the user’s hands.

“When we announced the app at our recent L.A. awards dinner, it drew thunderous applause,” said Gabriel Blau, executive director of the Family Equality Council. “This simple tool allows LGBTQ parents across the country to have a voice, and to work with our staff to make these changes on the ground.” The Family Equality Council has already successfully campaigned to modernize federal forms including FAFSA, VA Benefits, and the Social Security application.

“We’re thrilled to be part of this effort,” said David Foucher, CEO of Pride Labs LLC. “It’s a perfect example of mobile technology helping to solve issues of inequality around the world.”

The app is simple: The user snaps a picture of the non-inclusive forms with a camera phone, types in the business and location where the photo was taken, then clicks “submit.” Our crack team at the Family Equality Council will handle the rest!

The “Snap It & Send It” app can be downloaded via Apple iTunes or Google Play.


About Family Equality Council®:  Family Equality Council® connects, supports, and represents the three million parents who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer in this country today and their six million children of all ages. We are changing attitudes and policies to ensure that all families are respected, loved, and celebrated—including families with parents who are LGBTQ. We are a community of parents, children, grandparents, and grandchildren that reaches across this country. For over 30 years we have raised our children and raised our voices toward fairness for all families.

About Pride Labs LLC: Pride Labs LLC was founded in 2013 by the Executive Team behind the EDGE Media Network. Its goal is to develop the communications technologies innovated by EDGE into products that benefit the whole of the LGBT community. To that end, Pride Labs has worked closely with LGBT-facing organizations, businesses and individuals to create high-end, cost-effective solutions that solve real-world communications problems within that community.

Contact: Bradley Jacobs
Media Manager
Family Equality Council