Julianne Moore Talks LGBTQ Parenting

Does Julianne Moore have LGBTQ moms and dads in her life? “Oh yeah, lots!” the Oscar-winning actress told Family Equality Council at the September 28 NYC Freeheld premiere (attended by 20 board members and VIPs). “They’re just like everybody else. That’s one of the things the movie speaks to. You watch the beginning of this very intimate relationship and it portrays it as any other marriage, which is important for everybody to see and acknowledge.” In the true story, Moore plays Laurel Hester, a New Jersey detective who developed terminal cancer and fought the state in 2006 for the right to leave her pension to her girlfriend Stacie Andree (Ellen Page). Watch the video for more of Moore as well as interviews with Page, who talks about her gay friends’ struggles adopting, and costar Michael Shannon, who discusses his lesbian sister’s journey toward parenthood.

Freeheld hits theaters October 2nd.