Family Equality Partners with the JustMarried Project

In an effort to preserve marriage equality, Family Equality is partnering with JustMarried to shine a light on LGBTQ+ marriage.

Family Equality is pleased to announce a partnership with The JustMarried Project, an eight-part docuseries, serialized podcast, and 368-page coffee-table book designed to preserve the love stories and legacy behind one of the greatest civil rights victories in history – marriage equality. 

Documented and researched for over fifteen years, JustMarried weaves together the lives that fought to have the right to love and protect love. From the famous to the reluctantly famous – of different ages, races, religions, gender identities and politics – all came out of the closet and fought to gain one of the greatest civil rights wins of this century – ushering in societal inclusivity and dignity many never imagined possible. This one-of-a-kind historical collection encompasses an unparalleled, curated archive of footage, images, articles and personal narratives – triumphant stories while bringing to bear current unfolding stories. It includes 100 couples stories – stories from the 1920s through today – that changed the compassion and consciousness of our nation.

Matt Skallerud interviews Jaymes Black and Jim Obergefell.
Hear more about the project in this interview by Matt Skallerud (#ILoveGay Today) with Jaymes Black and Jim Obergefell.

Jim Obergefell, whose court case ushered in marriage equality nationally, recently joined this important project as Producer, pointed to Supreme Court Justice Alito recent reaffirming of his desire to overturn marriage rights and shared

“JustMarried is a very important project,” said Obergefell. “One of the best tools we have to create change is the stories we tell about our lives. I learned that firsthand when an evangelical Christian next to me in the Supreme Court said his mind was changed after hearing the story about my late husband and me. Stories matter.” 

Created by Frankie Frankeny of GoodDoxie Studios and joined by a talented team, including John Casey, Senior Editor and Writer for The Advocate, brand strategist Lynn Mueting, experiential marketer Jason Dorn, publishing veteran Leslie Stoker, and thirteen-time Emmy Award winning sound engineer Jim Chapdelaine

“Most of those featured in the podcast, book, and docuseries had no role models to guide them,” said Frankeny. “These real-life s/heroes show a powerful and enduring love – something we can all agree is more important than ever. The JustMarried Project aims to show future generations how to remain vigilant and protect marriage equality, as real threats from the U.S. Supreme Court loom.”

The JustMarried team is focused on releasing the podcast and book before the 2024 election in an effort to inspire voters to help maintain this precious right. The docuseries will launch in streaming 2025 to mark the tenth anniversary of the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision that established marriage equality for all LGBTQ+ people. 

The JustMarried Project and Family Equality share a mission to protect LGBTQ+ families.

“Family Equality’s partnership with JustMarried comes at a pivotal time for LGBTQ+ folks,” said Jaymes Black, Family Equality President & CEO. “LGBTQ+ people want the freedom to build their families, share their love, and, sometimes, get married. We must do all we can to preserve and protect our right to marry if we choose to. The moving and personal stories that are included in the JustMarried Project, have the power to connect us all.”

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