Family Equality Council Welcomes Erica Horton as Chair of Board of Directors

“As the child of an LGBTQ parent and as an LGBTQ parent myself I’m honored to Chair the Board of an organization I have a deep personal connection to.”

December 21, 2017 — For Immediate Release

NEW YORK — Family Equality Council, the nation’s leading organization for LGBTQ families and those who wish to form them, is pleased to announce the appointment of Erica Horton as the new Chair of the Board of Directors. Horton has served as a member of the Board of Directors since 2012, and is President and Partner of Growing Generations, a leading surrogacy and egg donation agency serving the LGBTQ community.

“As the child of an LGBTQ parent and as an LGBTQ parent myself I’m honored to Chair the Board of an organization I have a deep personal connection to,” said Erica Horton. “For years Family Equality Council has worked tirelessly to create more security and safety for LGBTQ families. As I look to the future many things that excite me about our work: from our commitment to elevate the visibility of LGBTQ families through compelling and meaningful storytelling to deepening our work in family creation so every LGBTQ person who wishes to become a parent can do so without barriers.”

Horton takes on the Board Chair role from Nancy Lyons, who has served in the position since November 2015, steering Family Equality Council through a period of sustained growth and development.

“We are deeply grateful to Nancy for her years of dedicated support and leadership, and we are equally excited to have Erica step up as Chair of Family Equality Council’s Board of Directors,” said CEO Stan J. Sloan. “Erica brings 15 years’ experience in helping form LGBTQ families through her work with Growing Generations, and on behalf of our staff, volunteers and supporters, we thank Erica for her dedication to the future success of Family Equality Council in serving all LGBTQ families.”

Horton was elected Chair by Family Equality Council’s Board of Directors in November 2017. At that time Frank Bua was appointed Vice-Chair, Sunnie Kaufmann-Paulman was appointed Secretary, and Bryan Carr was appointed Treasurer.

About Family Equality Council

Family Equality Council connects, supports, and represents the three million parents who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer in this country today and their six million children of all ages. We are changing attitudes and policies to ensure that all families are respected, loved, and celebrated — including families with parents who are LGBTQ. We are a community of parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren and unattached youth that reaches across this country. For almost forty years we have raised our children and raised our voices toward fairness for all families. As we look to the next chapter of our work, we are also focused on LGBTQ youth needing families and the two million LGBTQ adults waiting to foster or adopt in our country.