Family Equality Council To Senate Judiciary Committee: “Don’t Leave Families Behind On Immigration”

May 9th, 2013

Family Equality Council To Senate Judiciary Committee: “Don’t Leave Families Behind On Immigration”
Calls Out Lawmakers For Being Anti-Family

Washington – Family Equality Council which connects, supports and represents the three million parents in our country who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and their six million children today slammed lawmakers for playing political games with the lives of families, responding to critics of including LGBT families in Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

“This isn’t a game. Scoring political points at the expense of immigrant families who are struggling each and every day to keep their families together is reprehensible,” said Emily Hecht-McGowan, Family Equality Council Director of Public Policy. “This is an issue of family values, and no one on Capitol Hill who says they are pro-family can ignore the plight of tens of thousands of LGBT immigrant families who risk a future of uncertainty, separation, and exile. It’s abhorrent that some lawmakers would willingly separate parents from their children and it flies in the face of our country’s core values.”

“Immigration reform is not comprehensive if it leaves some families behind,” added McGowan. “We are watching closely which lawmakers stand with us and which turn a blind eye to the exclusion of our families in this legislation. We will remember.”

Family Equality Council also lauded two amendments filed by Senator Leahy to improve the legislation by including protections for LGBT immigrant families.

“Senator Leahy recognizes that any immigration reform legislation needs to include our families. He isn’t introducing an outside social issue, as some opponents have accused, he is ensuring that the bill includes everyone. He should be commended for filing the amendments and applauded when he offers them officially. The rest of the Judiciary Committee has a clear choice to make: are they with families or against them? The world will be watching how they decide.”


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