Family Equality Condemns Trump Administration Practice of Family Separation Due to HIV Status

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Family Equality condemns the practice of separating children from their parents because of a parent’s HIV positive status, a Customs and Border Patrol practice that was revealed in reporting earlier this month and confirmed by Brian Hastings, chief of Customs & Border Patrol, during a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing on Thursday July 25.

Representative Jamie Raskin (D–MD) asked Hastings if a mother or father having HIV positive status “is alone enough to justify separation from their child” and Hastings affirmed that it would be, referring to HIV as a “communicable disease.” Raskin followed-up, asking whether a child would be separated from their parent because the parent has the flu, and Hastings replied that CBP would not separate a family for that reason alone.

“HIV has not been considered a communicable disease since 2010, and we condemn this effort by the Trump Administration to further target migrant families, this time using HIV status as a tactic,” said The Rev. Stan J. Sloan, CEO of Family Equality. “To separate children from their parents because of their HIV status reflects a deep misunderstanding of public health, and does irreparable damage to children and families.”

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