Family Equality Commends Biden Administration’s Executive Order Advancing LGBTQI+ Equality

The historic order aims to address discriminatory legislative attacks against LGBTQI+ youth and families and is an important step in ensuring legal and lived equality for LGBTQI+ people

Washington, D.C. Today, the Biden Administration will honor Pride month by signing an Executive Order Advancing Equality for LGBTQI+ Individuals. The Order responds to recent state-wide attacks on LGBTQI+ people, including LGBTQI+ youth and families’ rights to affirming healthcare and inclusive classrooms. 

Crucially for LGBTQI+ families and youth, the Order takes steps to address discrimination against LGBTQI+ youth, parents, and families in foster care and LGBTQI+ students and families in schools and educational institutions; strengthen supports for LGBTQI+ families accessing federal programs and benefits; and promote expanded, inclusive data collection—which is essential for safeguarding the rights of LGBTQI+ individuals. It also takes steps to:  

  • Expand access to federal programs and services that can support LGBTQI+ families and youth;
  • Prevent the use of conversion therapy (a practice that every major medical association in the United States has condemned); 
  • Address the LGBTQI+ youth mental health crisis; 
  • Provide training to better serve LGBTQI+ youth in the juvenile justice and foster care systems; and
  • Strengthen supports for LGBTQI+ older adults.

“We are overjoyed that the Biden Administration will follow through on their promise to support LGBTQI+ individuals, especially LGBTQI+ youth and families,” says Family Equality’s CEO, Stacey Stevenson. “Pride is about more than celebrating how far we’ve come—it’s also about taking action to ensure that everyone has lived and legal equality, regardless of who they are, whom they love, where they live, and how they identify. By taking steps to address discrimination in schools, adoption and foster care, and data collection—just to name a few—the Biden Administration is better ensuring that everyone can experience the full pride and joy that comes with finding, forming, and sustaining their family. That’s what this work is all about.” 

“At a time when we’ve seen hundreds of state bills attacking our community, it is heartening to see the Administration standing with us and taking steps to safeguard our community,” says Chief Policy Officer, Shelbi Day. “This is a critical and historic next step in ensuring lived and legal equality for LGBTQ+ families and individuals—but it’s not the final step. There is still a lot of work to be done, and we remain hopeful that the long-awaited rules from the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services will build upon today’s historical executive order and include critical protections for LGBTQ+ families and youth in schools, in the child welfare system, and beyond.  

President Biden will sign the Executive Order later today, and he will welcome Family Equality CEO, Stacey Stevenson, and other LGBTQI+ families, advocates, elected officials, and leaders to the White House for a reception. 

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