Executive Director Gabriel Blau Makes Statement on SCOTUS Decision to Deny Review of Marriage Cases

Decision Leads to Marriage Equality in Five States

“We are thrilled that the LGBTQ families we represent in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin will finally be afforded marriage protections and the same will soon be true in states throughout the 4th, 7th and 10th circuits. And we will keep up the fight on behalf of all LGBTQ families until we achieve equality nationwide.  The denial of marriage protections in other states significantly hurts the children of LGBTQ parents, economically, in healthcare and in a variety of other areas, relegating our families to second-class citizenship status.

“From the landmark Windsor and Perry cases in 2013, to cases impacted by today’s Supreme Court action, Family Equality Council continues to capture the attention of judges throughout the nation with our arguments on the importance of safeguarding our children. Our “Voices of Children” briefs have made a huge impact on the outcomes of these cases and we are proud to have amplified their stories to motivate change. We will continue to lift up these voices and others so that all families are valued and treated equally.”

-Gabriel Blau, Executive Director, Family Equality Council