Lee Means (He/Him)

Director of Family Equity + Justice

Lee A. Means (he/him) is currently the Director of Family Equity + Justice at Family Equality.

Lee enjoys research and implementation of policy and programs that decrease the marginalization of humans and increases equity and equality for us all. As the Director of Family Equity + Justice, it is his professional and personal mandate to investigate and highlight our differences and similarities as sources of strength and hope regardless of socioeconomic status, geographic location, race, gender, nationality, sexuality, religion, or other identity group.

Lee has a Masters of Science in education policy from the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), a Juris Doctor from Indiana University, a Bachelor of Arts in religious studies from Indiana University, and is currently earning an Doctor of Education from UPenn in organizational and educational leadership. Lee is a lifelong learner who is always asking questions and challenging the status quo