Alvin McCray


Alvin McCray has 20+ years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry. He recently served as the Director of Brand Experience for the United Way of Greater Cleveland. Prior to his work in the nonprofit space in Cleveland, he led account management and product launch activities for a number of global agencies including Ogilvy and Publicis Healthcare with a focus on pharmaceutical and tobacco brands. 

Alvin and his husband, Jason Rudman, met in New York City in 1998. After their marriage in 2010, they put into motion the process of becoming parents. Because of New York’s limitations on surrogacy at the time, he and his husband collaborated with a New Jersey fertility clinic, legal counsel, and surrogacy agency to create their family. They are proud parents to Roman and Edyn.

Recently relocated to San Antonio, TX, Alvin dedicates his time to homeschooling the children and creating a sound spiritual foundation for his family. He also provides career advice to professionals in advertising and brand development. Alvin holds a BA in Liberal Arts from the University of Pittsburgh and a M.Sc. in Strategic Communication from Purdue University.