Alexis Corona

Digital Communications Associate

Alexis Corona (he/him) joined the Family Equality Team in August 2023 as the Digital Communications Associate. Alexis graduated from the University of California, Merced where he obtained a degree in Business and Management, Economics, and another in Sociology. He tends to focus on gender, racial, social, and economic issues because of his personal experience as a queer person of color, hoping to create a more accepting and progressive world. He contributed work to the Counseling and Psychological Services organization, where he launched several campaigns that connected members with its services, raised visibility, and amplified voices for the Latinx, Black, AAPI, and LGBTQ+ communities. 

Very thankful that his parents raised him with good morals and always accepting of things, he is constantly motivated to spread positivity and change for the greater good. He likes to educate family, friends, and loved ones about important topics to make sure everyone is aware of politics and how to support one another when change is needed. Alexis is very excited to join a bigger platform and contribute to work that will be part of history. 

Outside of work, Alexis can be found creating TikToks and engaging in creative hobbies. He loves listening and dancing to disco music. He has a huge love and passion for the 70s including fashion, music, and movements! He tends to draw most of his inspiration from the 70s.