Alex Habib (He/Him)

Co-Vice Chair

Alex was born in Alexandria Egypt and his family immigrated to the states when he was 12 years old. He is currently retired and lives with his husband of 26 years in New York City. They are raising three children through gestational surrogacy, the oldest born in 2002 and twins in 2003.  

Alex serves and advises on several non-profit boards. He founded Summit Preparatory School, a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens, and the Beacon Foundation, dedicated to assisting airline employees in need.  Alex also served on the advisory boards of Auburn Seminary and Sing for the Children. 

For most of his career, Alex specialized in labor relations including mediation and arbitration, working for the Teamsters Union and later consulting with airline CEOs on how to improve labor morale in balance with the needs of the airlines.

Alex received his B.A. in Psychology from Trinity College in 1981 and has clinical therapy experience in youth crisis counseling and group residences.

Alex is passionate about LGBTQ+ families and wants to make sure that all who wish to be parents have that right and opportunity, regardless of race, gender expression, or sexual orientation.