Our Strategic Priorities

To advance toward the goals set forth in our mission and vision, our strategic priorities for 2021 – 2024 are below.

Advance racial and social justice.

We will expand our work—from policy to programs—to better serve BIPOC communities, those living at or below the poverty line, and those in rural communities.

We will also ensure that our organization is internally and externally committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, empathy, and anti-racism.

Advance legal and lived equality for LGBTQ+ families.

We will develop Policy and Programmatic initiatives to protect LGBTQ+ families and youth from discrimination in schools.

We will fight for our families at every level of the government by playing a major role in key federal and state legislation, filing “voices” amicus briefs, and participating as amicus curiae in impact litigation.

We will share the stories of our families to change hearts and minds.

We will garner more support through digital fundraising to further expand our work for LGBTQ+ families.

Shape the LGBTQ+ family narrative by telling our stories, advancing best practices, and sharing data and resources.

We will equip families to share their own stories to advocate for change.

We will provide decision-makers, media, and people who shape our day-to-day lives with the tools they need to treat LGBTQ+ families with dignity and respect.

Enable equity of opportunity in family formation and expansion.

We will provide support, resources, information, and opportunities that improve LGBTQ+ families’ access to family expansion methods.

We will broaden Policy work on parentage and family expansion alongside key partners.

Build resilient communities.

We will reimagine community-building events, programs, and fundraising with a focus on inclusion.

We will equip families with the tools they need to share their stories, advocate for change, and connect with one another.
Relaunch of the National Parents Network

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