Family Speak Out Programs

Our Family Speak Out participants are outspoken members of our community committed to raising their voices in support of our community’s rights, issues, and dignity.

The Family Speak Out programs span three generations of family members – people growing up with LGBTQ parents, parents themselves, and grandparents/elders.

Which Family Speak Out Program is right for you?

Outspoken Generation

People with LGBTQ parents have been outspoken advocates for themselves, their families, and social justice for decades. Today, people with LGBTQ parents are telling their own truths and changing the national dialogue about the joys and challenges of our families. More than ever, the intersectional voices of people with LGBTQ parents are needed to combat discrimination against families and isolation in our communities.

Parent Voices

Prospective parents, parents, guardians, and caregivers speak out in defense of their family everywhere from the doctor’s office to the PTA, from the soccer field to the statehouse. LGBTQ parents and prospective parents have important stories, experiences, and skills that will be amplified to reach not only politicians and media outlets but also fellow members of the community to break down barriers to family building and thriving.

Pearls of Wisdom

This program is designed to empower grandparents and elders in the LGBTQ community to share their experiences with others. Grandparents, both those who are allies and advocates for their LGBTQ children and grandchildren or LGBTQ themselves, have very important voices that can touch and connect across generations. Grandparents, future grandparents, and elders in our families have valuable journeys and can share their wisdom and love through this program.

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How it Works

Family Speak Out members are connected with speak out opportunities like panels, workshops, media interviews, blog writing, policy work, and podcasts.

Share some of your story, check the areas that are part of your personal experience, and let us know some ways you would like to speak out. We’ll find the right opportunities for you to make an impact!

Already doing advocacy work or telling your story through op-eds, theater, film, art or writing? Tell us, and we can help amplify your voice! Email for more information.

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