Family Equality’s Discord Server

No matter where you are on your family journey, the Family Equality Discord is a virtual space where you can connect with others any time of the day or week through support and affinity groups, one-on-one messaging, and more.

We aren’t meant to navigate the LGBTQ+ family journey alone. When they say “it takes a village” they aren’t joking!

Discord is an app that is part-internet forum, part-messaging platform. It’s a way for people with shared interests or experiences to connect virtually! On Family Equality’s server, we have specific channels that folks can opt into to chat.

If you’re new to Discord, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions to help you get caught up.

Frequently Asked Questions

I just logged into Discord. What am I looking at?

Once you’re logged into Discord, you’ll see a list of channels with names like “Discord-How-To” on the left side of your screen.

Each channel is its own live chat space for you to send and read messages. Channels are sorted by topic. To go to a channel, click on it.

On the right side of the screen, you will see a list of people who are online. The moderators and administrators are listed separately at the top so you can easily find us!

In the center of the screen, you see the messages you and others have sent, with their nickname above their message.

I’m logged into Discord. What do I do first?

When you join our server, you’ll see a message from Front-Desk-Support in the front-desk channel providing you with first steps. Specifically:

  1. Click on the Pin icon at the top of the front-desk channel and hover over Front-Desk-Support’s “Private Channels” message to find the “jump” option. Click “jump.”
  2. In the “Private Channels” message pinned to the top of the channel, you will be directed to select emojis depending on which private channels you want to join according to your journey and identity. Once you click the proper emojis, you will unlock access to those private channels.
  3. After you pick your roles, we recommend that you review the rules and guidelines in the “Rules” channel.
  4. Then, visit the “Introduce-Yourself” channel to share your name, where you live, and other fun facts about yourself so we know who has joined our community!

Follow those instructions, and you’ll be ready to go!

I don’t understand this “roles” stuff. Can you just give me access to the channel I want to join?

That’s okay! Navigating Discord can be challenging. Click the links below to be invited to any one of the private channels. We ask that you only join the channel if the topic is relevant to your identity and journey.

  • TTC/Fertility – This channel is for anyone under the LGBTQ+ rainbow who is working to create children & grow their families!
  • Adoption & Foster Care – This channel is for parents and caregivers who expanded their family through adoption and/or foster care.
  • New Parents – This is for parents who have just welcome (or are expecting to welcome) an infant into their family.
  • QTBIPOC – This is for LGBTQ+ parents of color to share frustrations and victories, build community, and connect with other BIPOC parents.
  • Trans, Enby, and GNC parents – This channel is a place for parents and caregivers who identify as transgender, nonbinary, gender non-conforming, or anywhere on the genderqueer spectrum.
  • Nonbio/Nongestational Parents – This channel is a place for parents who are the non-biological and/or nongestational parent to their children.
How do I edit my username and profile picture?

Click the little gear icon next to your username and profile picture. This will be in the bottom left of your screen, beneath the list of channels. Although, you may have to tap an additional icon if you’re using mobile to pull up your sidebar.

How do I set my pronouns?

Click on the Pin icon at the top of the front-desk channel and hover over Front-Desk-Support’s “Pronouns” message to find the “jump” option. Click “jump” and follow the prompts!

How do I contact a moderator?

On the right side of the screen, you’ll see a list of Family Equality moderators. Click on their name, and you will see their profile pop up. There should be an option to directly message the moderator you clicked on at the bottom of the profile pop-up. You can also direct questions to all moderators using the ask-the-mods channel.

So…I can just chat in any of these channels?

If you click on the text box and don’t get an error, yes, you can! (If you do get an error, like in this channel, that’s because only admins and mods have permission to post). As you chat, make sure you’re following the rules (which you can revisit anytime in the rules channel).