Creating a Fundraising Page

In just a few easy steps, you can create a fundraising page for A Night for Family Equality!

To create a fundraising page:

  1. Visit and follow the prompts to RSVP for A Night for Family Equality.
  2. Click the link in your email to start a fundraising page.
  3. Customize your page by updating the name, profile picture, story, and fundraising goal. Then, invite friends to participate in the weeks ahead.
  4. Join us on June 18 for our first-ever virtual gala, A Night for Family Equality!

Want to create a really successful page? Consider the following tips and tricks!

  • Your story is a powerful tool in creating change and garnering support for this movement. Use this page as a way to tell the world why our work matters to you!
  • Get social! Share your new fundraising page with the world on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to encourage people to help you get closer to your goal. (Remember to use the hashtag #NightForFamilyEquality and tag @FamilyEquality on Facebook and Instagram and @Family_Equality on Twitter, so we see it!)
  • Find new and creative ways to bring in more supporters by hosting “Power Hour” fundraising challenges or offering incentives (like, “If I reach my goal in the next day, I’ll post three embarrassing childhood photos on my timeline!”). This isn’t just a chance to give, it’s a chance to have fun with the people in your networks!