Contribute a Portion of Your Sales to Family Equality

Thank you for thinking of Family Equality as a potential partner!

We value opportunities to work together and build lasting relationships with sponsors.

In order to build lasting, authentic corporate relationships, we ask partners to:

Introduce Us

Help your constituents and followers get to know us by introducing us via email, social media, or on the receipt if a purchase is required for a donation.

Family Equality can provide our logo, website link, and other materials.

Share Information

Your networks could benefit from our work! Be sure to share information about our resources with the folks connected to your company.

Family Equality can provide content.

Set a Minimum

Determine a guaranteed minimum contribution/sponsorship amount if related to sales.

Give without Condition

We ask that you do not make donations condition on Family Equality sharing a promotional code or information about the partnership with our network.

Family Equality may share the partnership with our network, but not as a requirement to generate sales/contributions.

Partner Year-Round

Our work doesn’t stop when Pride month ends. We would love your support all throughout the year!


Let’s connect! Learn more about partnership opportunities by contacting our Manager, Corporate and Foundation Giving, Jo Boileau.