bubly x Family Equality

to support this community, bubly sparkling water has partnered with Family Equality, an organization that helps lgbtq+ parents navigate these unfair hurdles and legal obstacles.

join us to help support.

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the path to parenthood: lgbtq+ edition

starting an lgbtq+ family isn’t easy. so we made a book to make it (a bit) more clear. proceeds support Family Equality’s mission to help lgbtq+ parents-to-be navigate the path to parenthood. it’s the gift that keeps on giving – literally.

okay, no, this isn’t a real baby registry.

nothing here is actually for sale. but it is a registry with a very real purpose. every lgbtq+ parent-to-be will have to deal with at least one of the financial obstacles these items represent.

so browse (and donate) away.

in the process

for lgbtq+ families, no two paths to parenthood are exactly the same. our series “in the process” puts a spotlight on real stories from real parents.

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bubly sparkling water is proud to support all those in the lgbtq+ community, including those navigating the complicated path to parenthood.

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