Family Equality Families Attend White House Pride Celebration

A dozen Family Equality families from six states attended the White House Pride Celebration on June 10. One family from Texas was selected by the White House to share their story from the stage and introduce the President.

On Saturday, June 10, a dozen Family Equality families from six states joined LGBTQ+ families, leaders, activists, and allies at the largest Pride celebration in White House history. With the backdrop of the White House draped in American flags and a Pride flag and music by Queen HD the DJ and Betty Who and picnic blankets spread out across the lawn, invited guests picnicked and danced while kids ran and played in the sun. It was a day of joy and hope.  

Scarlet Harvey speaks to the crowd at the White House Pride Celebration
Henderson family with Family Equality CEO, Stacey Stevenson (2nd from left)

Dr. Biden started by sharing, “All of us want what everyone else wants: The chance to be who we are and love who we love and make a good life for our families. And all of us deserve that. But today, we’re not here to be strong. We’re not here to be courageous, even though, for so many of you, just coming to this event is an act of bravery. Today, we are here to find joy.”

And joy is exactly what families found – including the Harveys from Texas. Scarlet and Krystle Harvey, a blended family of two-moms and three kids, were selected by the White House to speak at the event and introduce President Biden. 

Scarlet, a health and fitness coach, and wife Krystle, an elementary physical education teacher, stood on the stage with two of their children and President Biden and Dr. Biden. 

Scarlet shared, “We hope being an out and visible two-mom family will help others realize that, while we may look different than their family, there’s so much we have in common.” 

President Biden talked about his administration’s new actions and resources  to protect LGBTQ+ community. He also urged Congress to pass the Equality Act, federal legislation that would modernize America’s civil rights laws by including explicit protections for LGBTQI+ people—as well as expanding protections for women, people of color, and people of all faiths. 

President Biden said, “You know, too many people in the LGBT community are worried and afraid about their future and their safety. So today, I want to send a message to the entire community, especially to transgender children: You are loved. You are heard. You are understood. And you belong!”

Scarlet Harvey greets the crowd with President Biden, Dr. Biden, Krystle Harvey and their kids

The event, originally scheduled for Thursday, June 8, was moved to Saturday, June 10 due to air quality issues. Unfortunately that meant some of our invited families couldn’t extend their trip to Washington, D.C. Families were able to tour the White House and the Johnson family was able to meet with their U.S. Representative, Kathy Castor

After the event, Scarlet shared on Instagram, “We were able to celebrate our families and love. This experience will forever live in our hearts and memories but most of all we will forever be thankful.”