WATCH: Story Hour with Michelle Tea, Lil’ Miss Hot Mess, and Brontez Purnell

Join author Brontez Purnell, founder of Drag Queen Story Hour Michelle Tea, and Lil’ Miss Hot Mess as they share their very own books in support of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project!

This storytime is brought to you by The Neighborhood: A Virtual Hub for LGBTQ+ Families, a program that offers LGBTQ+ families and those who wish to form them opportunities to connect with one another, learn, grow, and have fun—from a Facebook group with almost 1,000 members to a robust library and calendar of family activities. Click here to learn more about The Neighborhood.

Family Equality extends a special “Thank You” to Lil’ Miss Hot Mess, Michelle Tea, and Brontez Purnell for donating their time and talents to this livestream. This event is co-sponsored by Drag Queen Story Hour. Learn more about Drag Queen Story Hour at