LGBTQ+ Paths to Pregnancy: Using a Known Donor

As an LGBTQ+ person, building a family might look different for you.

If you’re curious about family-building using a known sperm donor, maybe you’re wondering how to co-parent with a platonic friend? Or how to ask someone to be your donor?

The unique known donor family-building stories of three LGBTQ+ folks might answer some of these questions or offer insight into the process!

You’ll hear from Raven, an entrepreneur who is a soon-to-be parent; Lawrence, who is co-parenting with his best friend (they’re both genetic parents of their little one); Biff (a known donor who helped friends get pregnant); and a midwife who is also parenting after using a known donor to build her family.

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Special thanks to Mosie Baby for co-sponsoring this panel!