WATCH: Springtime & Vision Boards for Kids (ft. Queer Kid Stuff)

Spring is here, and that’s something to celebrate! Watch as Lindz sings about sunshine and spring-time, and then join us as we all make vision boards!

This music and story time is brought to you by The Neighborhood: A Virtual Hub for LGBTQ+ Families, a robust calendar and library of live events, virtual meetups, and age-appropriate activities to get you and your family through this challenging time. Click here to learn more about The Neighborhood.

Family Equality extends a special “Thank You” to Lindz Amer of Queer Kid Stuff! Be sure to check out Lindz’ webseries on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram at @QueerKidStuff. They also have a podcast for LGBTQ+ families called, “Activist, You!” available wherever you get your podcasts.