WATCH: Why Parents Must Prioritize Self-Care in a Pandemic

In just one hour, radical, nonbinary parent coach, Nic Strack, deconstructs mainstream parenting culture’s belief system around self-care and demonstrates why taking the time to care for yourself is more important than ever.

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Family Equality extends a special “Thank You” to Nic Strack for donating their time and extraordinary talents to this webinar. Nic Strack (pronouns: they/them) is a Parenting Coach; they help parents custom-create their own parenting styles in order to make more conscious choices with confidence and grace. They have a degree in Cognitive Science & Psychology from the University of California – Berkeley, and they’re a brilliant, hilarious, awkward-as-f**k human who’s proud to be an autistic non-binary queer parent of color to a 3.5 year old little one. You can follow Nic on all social at @NicStrack!