[WATCH] How Has COVID-19 Impacted LGBTQ+ Families?

It’s no secret that coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has had a profound effect on all our lives. But how has it uniquely impacted LGBTQ+ families?

Family Equality’s all-star policy team (Chief Policy Officer, Denise Brogan-Kator; Director of Federal Policy Julie Kruse; Co-Director, State Policy and Senior Policy Counsel, Shelbi Day; Co-Director, State Policy and Policy Counsel, Mary Rohmiller) discuss the work that they’ve done thus far to advocate for our families in the time of COVID-19. Then, they dig into COVID-19 response legislation and discuss special education rights, unemployment benefits, protections to our democracy, and discrimination.

For more information about our work with COVID-19 response legislation, click here.

This townhall is brought to you by The Neighborhood: A Virtual Hub for LGBTQ+ Families, a robust calendar of live events, virtual meetups, and age-appropriate workshops to get you and your family through this challenging time. Click here to learn more about The Neighborhood.

Family Equality extends a special “Thank You” to our policy team for donating their time and extraordinary talents to this webinar.