WATCH: Strong Girls Sory Hour (ft. Feminist Baby, Norris the Nostrileer, and What Does a Princess Really Look Like?)

Joined by acclaimed children’s book authors, Family Equality brings some fun and entertainment into your home at a time when coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is causing families anxiety, school closings, work-from-home policies, and more.

Watch as Loryn Brantz (Feminist Baby, Lady Stuff), Keli Colombini (Norris the Nostrileer), and Mark Loewen (What Does a Princess Really Look Like?) read their books, teach some sign language, and even host a disco party!

This storytime is brought to you by The Neighborhood: A Virtual Hub for LGBTQ+ Families, a robust calendar of live events, virtual meetups, and age-appropriate workshops to get you and your family through this challenging time. Click here to learn more about The Neighborhood.

Family Equality extends a special “Thank You” to Loryn Brantz, Keli Colombini, and Mark Loewen for donating their talents and stories to this live stream. If you’re interested in purchasing their books and supporting their work, you can find Feminist Baby here, Norris the Nostrileer here, and What Does a Princess Really Look Like? (complete with activity pages and print-out coloring pages!) here.

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