Top 10 Outspoken Voices Podcast Episodes of 2019

What are the most popular podcast episodes of 2019?

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This new year will be one of growth and exciting changes for Outspoken Voices! The show is switching to a seasonal structure. You can expect it back weekly in summer and fall 2020 with a whole new set of episodes centered around a theme! 

For now, though, we put together a list of the most popular episodes of 2019—to help you reminisce over your favorites or to get you started! You can download and listen on that long car ride or stream each episode online.  

Biology Doesn’t Define Our Family 

Episode 21

Queer people have had to create and recreate family for a very long time. The meaning has changed and biology doesn’t always play a big role, or a role at all. All the same, the experiences of people whose families are a mixture of biological and non-bio ties are complex. In this episode we explore what it’s like to being non-gestational or non-biological parent at home (where if often barely registers) and to the outside world (far more remarked upon). 

Answering Tough Questions

Episode 40

All parents hear some challenging or confusing questions from their kids at some point. For LGBTQ+ parents and caregivers, the questions can be a bit trickier. How do some parents navigate answering potentially triggering questions with honesty, care, and a dash of humor? Two parents and a queerspawn discuss the funny, random, and probing things kids in LGBTQ+ families say. 

People with Trans Parents

Episode 34

Sometimes our parents come out and transition after children are part of a family. The impact that a parent’s transition and/or gender identity has on a family can be profound. And it can be a powerful moment of love and truth. Two people with transgender parents (PTP) share their stories and experiences of having parents who transitioned while they middle schoolers. Get ready to learn and be inspired. 

Desperately Seeking Queer Characters

Episode 29

The representation of LGBTQ families in the media has been uneven, at best. Queer families are hungry to see themselves in print and on-screen. Guests Sadie Epstein-Fine and Makeda Zook join the host to talk about their sagas of searching for representation (The Ellen Show VHS tapes are still floating around) and creating their own media with their new book, Spawning Generations

Trans Dads

Episode 36

As people are able to come out earlier and technology catches up with LGBTQ+ families, more people are becoming parents after transitioning or coming out as trans or gender nonbinary. Two activists and trans dads talk about their experiences, finding community, and falling in love with their kids. Kris is a brand new dad with a three-week old and Robbie is the veteran dad with a three and one-year-old. Dad jokes are kept to a minimum, we promise. 

Co-Parenting Alternative Families 

Episode 38

LGBTQ+ families are formed in many different ways. Parents Jeff and Mayeti were friends who decided to conceive and raise a family together, as co-parents. As a multi-racial family sharing time and homes, they know a thing or two about communication, honesty, and centering their kids. Co-parents, alternative/intentional families have a lot to teach us all. 

Intersecting Identities 

Episode 44

LGBTQ+ families exist at the intersection of many different identities. How can we navigate these many layers in multiracial families? Two LGBTQ+ parents of color, from the south, in multiracial families share their experiences, funny stories, and hope for the future.

Bisexual Parents Rock 

Episode 27

Bisexual parents are a huge percentage of all LGBTQ parents, yet they continue to face challenges and discrimination from within and without the community. Here we talk about the fierce pride of bi+ people and parents, and how biphobia and bisexual invisibility is compounded by parenthood and having LGBTQ parents.

Generations of Queerspawn 

Episode 37

Some queerspawn carry with them generations of LGBTQ+ identities – their own, their parents, grandparents, and beyond. These second, third, and even fourth generation queerspawn often carry a beautiful lineage of pride, love, and trauma. What does it mean to come from a direct line of LGBTQ+ people over generations? How can inter-generational dialogues and support change our community?

Parenting is Political 

Episode 43

How do we disrupt patterns of white supremacy and racism at home? Guests Jasmine and Mo of the Parenting is Political podcast join to share their experiences, advice, and compassion. We’re in this together.