Our 10 Favorite LGBTQ+ Family Podcasts of 2019

Want to feel more connected to LGBTQ+ families around the world? Setting a New Year’s resolution to learn more about LGBTQ+ issues, identities, and the power of stories? Seeking that warm feeling you get when you realize you’re not the only one to think or feel a certain way? 

As the year comes to a close, we’re looking back at all the podcasts that kept us thinking while we were doing the dishes, headed to work, or embarking on a long run. Here are 10 of our favorite podcasts that focus on the experiences and stories of LGBTQ+ people, queerspawn, and inclusive parenting.  

If These Ovaries Could Talk 

If These Ovaries Could Talk is a podcast where two lesbians chat about making babies and non-traditional families. Hosts Jamie Kelton and Robin Hopkins go in-depth with weekly guests about their hopes, dreams, fears, and setbacks when bringing a new life into the world with a lot of love and a good amount of science. 

The Gayest Show on Birth 

Follow along as Kate and Karyne navigate reciprocal IVF using Karyne’s eggs, unknown donor sperm, and Kate’s uterus.  

Masculine Birth Ritual 

Masculine Birth Ritual is a podcast about creating life outside the lines. Host Grover Wehman-Brown created the podcast as a way to make space for wider representations of transmasculine and gender non-conforming pregnant, birthing, and parenting people.  

Gender Reveal 

Gender Reveal is a podcast for nonbinary folks, people who don’t know what ‘nonbinary’ means, and everyone in between. Created by journalist and educator Molly Woodstock, Gender Reveal amplifies the stories of trans and nonbinary folks. The show also serves as a free educational tool for people seeking to learn more about gender.  

Rainbow Dads 

Rainbow Dads shares extraordinary stories from gay and bisexual dads – an arranged marriage, an evangelical upbringing, a deep affinity with David Bowie – the stories are raw, honest, funny, and bittersweet memories of family, of fatherhood, and of self-acceptance.  

Wash Your Mouth Out 

Wash Your Mouth Out is a stigma-smashing feminist podcast about power, pleasure, and parenting. With hosts Madison Young and Moorea Malatt, be entertained, empowered, inspired, and feel seen while you’re raising small humans. 

Is It Bedtime Yet? 

Is It Bedtime Yet? is a podcast hosted by Dr. Jenn Samstag and Dr. Sarine Boyadjian, two therapists and moms who wanted to create a safe space for parents to explore what it is like to be both parents and people. Join them, along with some special guests, as they discuss what it is like to be adults raising tiny humans that make us all as, “Is it bedtime yet?” 

The New Family 

The New Family podcast is a show that explores what families really look like today and the issues that matter to us most.  

Parenting is Political 

Parenting is Political is a digital project that seeks to shift the conversations and narratives that surround family and parenting. Hosts Mo and Jasmine present culture-influencing conversations via their podcast and provide resources for the community via their website.  

Outspoken Voices 

Think we’d make it through this list without mentioning Family Equality’s podcast by and for LGBTQ+ families? Think again! Okay, so we’re a little biased. But Outspoken Voices provides a platform for all members of LGBTQ+ families to share their stories, start discussions, and dig deeper into the issues affecting our families today. What more could you ask for?