Bringing Trans Resources to You: Family Equality Announces Partnership with Fertility IQ

This year, Family Equality worked hard to create modules for family-building providers—an easy, comprehensive lesson plan to help them understand, support, and welcome LGBTQ+ prospective parents into their practices. Now, after building so many resources for the people who support trans people on their fertility journey, we’re pleased to announce a partnership that allows us to build resources for trans people on their fertility journey.

The partnership between Fertility IQ and Family Equality was an easy one to establish—Fertility IQ provides information and resources to prospective parents and wanted to do more to support the trans community, and Family Equality knows a lot about trans fertility! So when Fertility IQ’s founders, Deborah and Jake Anderson-Bialis, approached us to pitch a new project—one designed to put fertility information directly into the hands of the trans community—we jumped at the chance.

With dozens of medical and academic studies and the knowledge we gained by working with and training providers through Open Door, we were able to create a robust array of informational videos, covering a variety of topics on trans fertility including:

  • How hormones impact fertility
  • When and how to get emotional support throughout your family-building process
  • Advocating for yourself in medical spaces
  • Building resiliency when hardships occur throughout the process

We are so excited to release this project into the world, and we look forward to hearing from trans community members who utilize the videos to build their families!

Click here to view Fertility IQ’s Trans Masculine Fertility Resources

Click here to view Fertility IQ’s Trans Feminine Fertility Resources