#LGBTQFamiliesDay Listening

Listen to stories of the humor, love, and challenges our families navigate.

By Emily McGranachan, Director of Family Engagement

For one year I’ve produced Family Equality’s podcast, Outspoken Voices. Now, 25 episodes and about 50 guests later, I’m very proud of the amazing people who have shared their hearts, families, and stories.

As you celebrate #LGBTQFamiliesDay and throughout Pride Month, you can listen to some powerful stories of resilient families, find connection is our common foibles and frustrations, and be reminded of the diversity of our LGBTQ family community. No matter where you are, both geographically and on your personal journey, you are not alone. Parents, grandparents and queerspawn – we’re here for you!

Here are some episodes that really highlight our families:

Episode 21 – Biology Doesn’t Define Us

In this episode we explore what it’s like to being non-gestational or non-biological parent – what it’s like at home (where if often barely registers) versus what it’s like to the outside world (far more remarked upon).

Episode 26 – We Chose Each Other

After years in the child welfare system, twelve-year-old cancer survivor Derrik found his forever home with dads Jason and Courter.

Episode 29 – Desperately Seeking Queer Characters

LGBTQ families are so hungry to see themselves in print and on screen, we’re making our own media.

Episode 32 – From Single to Step-Parent

LGBTQ+ single parents and their kids have to navigate the challenges of dating and blending families.

Episode 34 – People with Trans Parents

People with transgender parents are resilient and find power in their family when parents transition later in life.