Celebrate #LGBTQFamiliesDay on June 3rd!

#LGBTQFamiliesDay, an annual celebration organized by Mombian and sponsored by Family Equality Council, exists to honor and bring visibility to the many configurations of LGBTQ families. Here are a few different ways you can participate this year:

  1. Using the hashtag #LGBTQFamiliesDay, post on social media a personal story, photos or reflections celebrating your own LGBTQ family. If you’re an ally, post about how and why you support LGBTQ families.
  2. Spread the word! Share this blog to get the word out about #LGBTQFamiliesDay.
  3. Follow the hashtag #LGBTQFamiliesDay throughout the day to keep updated on the different stories being shared on social media.
  4. Visit www.mombian.com/lgbtqfamiliesday to submit your post and be added to the 2019 #LGBTQFamiliesDay master list of posts for the year.

Anyone who supports and celebrates LGBTQ families can participate! We hope you’ll join us and spread the word!