Summer Inspiration from Outspoken Voices

Spring is officially here and summer isn’t far away. Family Equality is also coming up on one full year of our Outspoken Voices podcast! Releasing new episodes twice a month, there are now over 20 episodes to check out.

Here are our favorite episodes to get you excited about the warm weather and LGBTQ families:

Ep. 33 Getting Campy

Campfires, water skiing, and a summer camp full of LGBTQ+ families? Sign us up! Whether you join us at Family Week in Provincetown or attend a regional LGBTQ+ summer camp like CampOut in Michigan, there are some awesome summer spaces for our families.

Ep 31 Soccer Star & Olympic Queerspawn

Spring means time to break out the cleats and slice those oranges! Former professional soccer player Lori Lindsay shares advice for being out in sports, what she’s learned from her lesbian mom, and why soccer means so much to her.

Ep 20 Grandparents and Advocacy

Dr. Ronni Sanlo is a proud lesbian grandma in a big, beautiful queer family. Though she spends lots of time sunny Palm Springs, her journey of coming out, losing her children, fighting for LGBTQ rights, and healing with her family is really one to warm your heart.

Ep 28 Up for Debate

Drinking tea and eating spicy food in hot weather can actually help cool you down. The same principal applies here. As the weather warms, get fired up! The validity of our families is often debated in public. But we don’t stay quiet or back down. Two inspiring queerspawn activists share their experiences stepping up when debates about our families get heated.

Ep 30 Protest Signs & Strollers

Once you’re riled up, listen to Protest Signs & Strollers for practical tips on the how, when, and why families should take action together. Protest and marching can really be a family activity.