Celebrating Trans Day of Visibility

International Trans Day of Visibility calls for action around the world to celebrate transgender and gender non-conforming (GNC) people, and the bravery and power of living openly and authentically. At the same time, this day serves to raise awareness about the work that still must be done to combat the discrimination trans people still face.

This year, we celebrate the growing representation of transgender and GNC people in all aspects of life and media representation. And yet, when it comes to visibility of trans and GNC parents and prospective parents, there is still much work to be done.

Family Equality recognizes that trans people all over the world are having kids and building beautiful families. On this Trans Day of Visibility, we celebrate the growing visibility of trans families and we work to make sure that everyone may have an informed and supported path to parenthood. We have several resources for prospective trans and GNC parents, and those who support them:

Handbook: Family Building for the Trans Community

This handbook is designed for transgender individuals who are thinking about parenthood. It includes information on:

  • Fertility preservation prior to gender confirmation surgery and hormone treatment
  • Reproductive options for transgender individuals such as cryopreservation (egg banking and sperm banking)
  • Working with sperm donors, egg donors, and surrogates
  • Adoption
  • Protecting fertility before and after transitioning

Educational Events

Across the country, our Family Equality program team offers in-person events to learn about family building. Check out our Educational Events page to learn more. Our next program, Trans Family Formation from Preconception to Parenthood, is coming up on April 6th in Oakland California. The event is free: register now.

Open Door Professional Training Program

The Open Door Professional Training Program is designed to ensure family-building providers are prepared to care for the LGBTQ community with sensitivity and excellence. It was created for created for family-building clinicians including fertility clinic and surrogacy center staff, family law practitioners, pharmacists, pediatricians, holistic health providers (acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths), social workers, midwives, and doulas. The modules can be utilized by individual practitioners or entire teams.

  • Beyond Diversity: LGBTQ 101
  • Creating an Inclusive Practice
  • Supporting Our Community in the Postpartum Period
  • Trans Fertility Considerations

Each module takes between 90 and 180 minutes to complete. The modules are self-guided and can be completed in one sitting or spread out over a schedule that works for you. Learn more: Family Equality Open Door

Outspoken Voices Podcast

In our bi-monthly Outspoken Voices podcast, people from all types of LGBTQ+ families share their stories with us. Here are some of our favorite episodes featuring trans parents and families: