Family Equality Sponsor Spotlight: EMD Serono

Family Equality Council is thrilled and honored to have the support of corporations who both serve our communities and elevate our work through their contributions to Family Equality Council. Our National Corporate Sponsors include some of the most innovative and intentional companies, who don’t just seek to find customers within our community – but who are also serious about engaging LGBTQ families and those who seek to form them with care, sensitivity and thoughtfulness.

Among these is EMD Serono, a forward-thinking pharmaceutical company responsible for so many of the products that help members of our communities conceive and grow their families. We are happy to announce that EMD Serono has continued its legacy of serving our community by joining Family Equality Council as a National Corporate Sponsor!

Read more about their work and how they support LGBTQ families: 

EMD Serono, the biopharmaceutical business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany in the U.S. and Canada, is committed to transforming lives by developing and delivering meaningful solutions that help address the therapeutic and support needs of individual patients and their loved ones.

Our support for the patients we serve goes well beyond the medications we manufacture. We believe we have an obligation to broadly consider ways we can solve the challenges facing the communities we serve, whether continued focus on greater customer-centric care or enhancing our support services.

We have been a longstanding leader in providing comprehensive programs that help those needing fertility treatment access care through financial, educational and emotional support. We are dedicated to increasing access for those looking to start a family and have created unique and comprehensive programs, such as Compassionate Care, a financial assistance program for eligible patients seeking fertility treatment.

In recent years, family-building options have expanded for LGBTQ couples, in part because of increased fertility treatment options and support programs like Compassionate Care. We’re proud to support the Family Equality Council and their work to advance equality for LGBTQ families.