Our Storytelling Partnership with acowsay cinema

Storytelling is a key part of Family Equality’s work. Stories, when shared from a place of truth and vulnerability, have the power to raise awareness, change hearts and minds, and even fight discrimination. The work of telling stories is a collaborative process that relies on the bravery of those willing to share their stories, and the giftedness of those who know best how to amplify them.

One of Family Equality’s partners in our storytelling work is acowsay cinema. Started in 2014 as the brainchild of Tyler Eichorst, the acowsay team, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, travels nationwide to capture, produce, direct, edit, and uplift stories about people.

Tyler, the owner and creative director of acowsay, shared his reflections on the collaborative storytelling that occurred in the past year:

“The competition for where people devote their time and attention has never been more challenging. There is a high supply of noise and a low amount of empathy when someone isn’t captivated or invited to make a personal connection to what they are viewing.

“Over the past year, acowsay cinema has been privileged to work with Family Equality Council to tell the stories of individuals, families and other organizations that share the same value of equality for all. Not all stories are happy but that is exactly why they must be told. It is from the experiences we have individually that we learn and grow collectively. It is our responsibility to each other to share our life’s adventures.

“Through collaboration, communication and some wild adventures on set, a dozen stories were told that invited audiences to laugh, cry, scream and act. It has been a humbling and rewarding year, serving as the foundation of great storytelling for Family Equality Council in the years to come.

“acowsay cinema is proud to call Family Equality Council a partner and looks forward to all that lies ahead.”

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